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Reptile Surveys

Many development sites feature scrub, rough grassland and patches of hard-standing, which are ideal sheltering and basking habitats for reptiles. Six species of reptile are present in the UK, most of which could be encountered on development sites with suitable habitat. Reptiles are active between April and September, with decreased activity during July and August due to high temperatures. Hibernation takes place between October and March.

All reptile species are protected against killing and injury under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and all are considered to be Species of Principal Importance under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Developments must therefore avoid harming reptiles during works in order to comply with the law and retain planning permission. If reptiles are present on a site, the developer must demonstrate to the local authority that adequate protection will be provided, disturbance will be minimised, and habitat will be replaced where necessary.

Severe delays caused by refusal of planning permission and finding reptiles during works can be avoided by considering reptiles early in the development process.

BL Ecology can undertake habitat surveys to assess the potential for reptiles on site, together with an assessment of the likely impacts of the development on reptiles. If there is potential for reptile presence, we can undertake reptile presence/absence surveys on any scale using artificial refugia placed between April and September. We can then produce a method statement in agreement with the relevant authorities (such as Natural England or the local authority) to allow works to progress if reptiles are found on site. If smooth snake or sand lizard are found we can also undertake the application for a licence to move them.

If relocation is required, BL Ecology can undertake capture of reptiles during the active period and movement to alternative suitable habitat. We can also help with new habitat creation if this is required.

Surveys and mitigation for reptiles can be undertaken between March and September inclusive in suitable conditions.

Contact us on 01274 816800 to discuss reptiles in your development.

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