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Bat Surveys

Bats are the only true flying mammals, their fascinating nocturnal behaviour can be seen on summer evenings as bats swoop catching insects to feed on. Their roosting habitats have been under threat from forestry, building demolition and disturbance for thousands of years. Alterations to their habitats have meant a massive decline in numbers most visible in the last century.

Because of recent decline in numbers, bats are now a ‘fully protected’ species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and European regulations often referred to as the Habitat Regulations 2010. Due to their fully protected status it is an offence to kill, injure or disturb bats, these types of impacts are likely during developments which involve removal of buildings, trees and potential bat foraging areas such as hedgerows.

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Bat surveys are often required to assess likely impacts a development may have on bat populations. These types of surveys are normally requested by the local planning authority however many developers are now instructing these surveys at an earlier stage to prevent delays in the future.

BL Ecology can provide a licensed bat survey which will assess the presence or absence of bats on your site, normally a full report will then be issued which outlines the results and suggested mitigation if bats are present. 
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Finding Bats and Licensing

If bats are revealed during the survey this does not mean an end to a project by any means. BL Ecology can work with you to provide a design which will mean no or reduced impacts on bats. Where impacts are unavoidable we can apply for a licence with Natural England to disturb and remove any bat roost habitat safely, this licensed work will normally involve constructing replacement roosts and hand demolition of structures or trees. Examples of our work with bats are provided within the Projects section.

Remote detection

We have the experience and equipment to undertake remote recording of bats.  This technology has a multitude of uses, such as monitoring of summer roosts, identification of winter hibernacula, or in the field monitoring hedgerow usage for wind farms.

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