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Great Crested Newt Surveys

Great crested newts are one of only seven native amphibian species in the UK. Their reliance on networks of ponds for breeding and mating and suitable terrestrial habitat for refugia and hibernation sites has meant they are vulnerable to disturbance from development.

Great crested newts can be found on both brown field and rural sites and can be present in all sorts of water bodies ranging from simple wheel ruts in the ground to large scale wetland systems. Any development within 500m of a water body should consider the possibility of great crested newt presence, even if the work itself does not mean loss of a pond.

Survey are generally undertaken during the March to June period as this is when they are most likely to be in their breeding ponds.

Great crested newts are protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981and the Habitat Regulations 2010. It is an offence intentionally to kill, injure, disturb, collect, trap or sell great crested newts.

We can offer licensed great crested newt surveys, mitigation plans and where disturbance is unavoidable we can apply for a Natural England licence to disturb and mitigate for the loss of any habitat. If you require any of these services please contact BL Ecology on 01274 816800.

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